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It was 1973, 5900 Market Street, Jam Sound and Specialite. This would be the start of supplying local and national artists with sound systems, speaker repair, cases, and lighting. Touring and reconing would take up most of the 70's and early 80's. I would rent the old Pella window building at 5898 Market Street in 1984. After servicing most local music and audio stores, including the competitors, I wanted a retail facility that offered both Fine Professional and Fine Home products in one space (see photos below). This facility would bring names to the area that most had heard of but never had the opportunity to listen to or touch. We represented products from Cary Audio, Conrad Johnson, Crestron, Carver, Proton, Paradigm, Mission, TDL, Revox, Renkus Heinz, and of course Electro Voice, for which we remain a dealer today. As you can see certain things have changed: our location into the new architectural building further south on Market Street, our product offerings, and our presence on the internet. We continue to research for and represent quality products, staying abreast of the industry's technologies and standards, and doing in-house design and engineering. Installations are done by our certified contractors, backed by 43 years of business, and now there are two great websites to access us and our capabilities:
NOW relocated to Savannah,GA. Visit us online with links above.

original location rear building 1971, moved to building in foreground 1984
showroom 1986
Now thats speakers 1986, Paradigm, ESS,EV,TDL,Mission
Jam Sound 1973
1989 the new store begins

Press Releases 2007/2008/2009

Business Journal Ad 6/09

North Lima Audio Business - More than Meets the Ear

Founded in 1973 by Nick Dorazio, The Speaker Shop in North Lima is a retailer and installer of fine home and professional audio/video products. Nick, along with son Jason, take great pride ensuring a perfect installation, both sonically and aesthetically. The Speaker Shop has grown to become nationally recognized as a direct result of their expertise and professionalism. The Speaker Shop eagerly looks forward to progress, change, and growth in 2007 while continuing to present the Valley, and surrounding areas, not only with quality products but, more importantly, quality service.

Remaining true to customer needs, each client’s system is designed for their specific application. Product lines are selected due to reliability and the integrity of the manufacturer. For home, The Speaker Shop is the Valley’s only authorized retailer for Pioneer ELITE electronics and Plasma HDTV, Mirage and Phase Technology loudspeakers, and Speakercraft systems and speakers. Continuing to provide high performance products to the Valley, two new exclusive lines, Energy and Klipsch Reference loudspeakers, have recently been added. Further, these new lines have inspired The Speaker Shop to expand its retail facility with a new look by the fall.

Lending the most visibility to what The Speaker Shop does is work in the field of professional audio. Locally, and extending into Western Pennsylvania, The Speaker Shop, led by pro sound engineer Nick Dorazio, has designed and installed systems that have gained national attention. In 2006, The Speaker Shop engineered and installed the sound system in the new Ford Family Recital Hall adjoining the DeYor Performing Arts Center. Utilizing an advanced system comprised exclusively of ElectroVoice products inside the Hall and throughout the facility allows the sound to flow seamlessly from outside the building to the performance stage. As with home systems, attention to detail and choosing the correct product for the application is crucial to the success of any professional installation. The installation was featured in ElectroVoice’s trade publication. The Speaker Shop continues to provide commercial sound systems throughout the Valley and into Pennsylvania with new systems slated for Boardman and Poland local schools, Westminster College, and corporate boardrooms.

Nationwide recognition has been long established for the business’ namesake - The Speaker Shop. Through their website, Nick Dorazio has opened his craftsmanship of loudspeaker repair from a local tradition to a national marketplace. This service-driven aspect of the business has allowed a retail growth of more than 25% over the last year and continues to grow due to networking on a national scale through other websites devoted to repair and vintage speaker restoration. With a parts supply in excess of 20,000 units, Nick is able to perform service or complete restoration on almost any loudspeaker produced in the 20th century.

The Speaker Shop certainly provides “sound” living solutions. Within the store is The Nijaq Gallery. Jacque Dorazio, BFA, Magna Cum Laude, began the gallery three years ago. She showcases local and national artists, and as an artist herself, will be moving her studio into the store as part of the renovation in 2007. She is represented in Savannah, Georgia and will be represented nationally in 2007. Jacque provides area clients with furniture design as well as interior design services. The combination of services results in a home system that looks as good as it sounds.

With almost no end to what they are able to offer their clients, The Speaker Shop is a local business that continues to grow not only in the Valley but also throughout the region and nationwide. The Speaker Shop is at 9074 Market Street, North Lima, near Western Reserve Road.

The Speaker Shop

9074 Market Street, North Lima, OH 44452

330 758 6911

The Speaker Shop of North Lima  35 Years For A Reason

The Speaker Shop, located at 9074 Market Street in North Lima has some bragging rights to share. They are celebrating 35 years in the audio business this year. Beginning as a speaker repair shop, Nick Dorazio serviced all of the audio and music stores in the tri county area. Having a background in professional sound reinforcement he also began engineering and designing touring sound systems. In addition, permanent sound systems were installed in area churches, schools, colleges, restaurants and nightclubs. This service continues today. By the late 1970’s The Speaker Shop expanded offering upscale audio and video products for home audio enthusiasts. Custom home installations also were offered - not a service that any other audio shop was offering at the time. The audio business is typically a rather competitive field however, The Speaker Shop remains at the top of the game. Offering quality products, service and knowledge is a simple yet successful philosophy for The Speaker Shop’s successes. In 1989 Nick built the 5,000 sq. ft. building in North Lima specifically for audio featuring dedicated listening rooms. When the home theater application came onto the scene, The Speaker Shop adapted and transformed audio rooms into theater rooms. Here was actually the first audio store to offer the original “Dolby Surround Sound” system from the Proton Corporation. That format would morph into the “AC3” digital theater system - today known as Dolby Digital Surround. The AC3 format was brought to market from Pioneer Elite and featured at the store in the early 1990‘s. Pioneer Elite is an audio video manufacturing company that The Speaker Shop exclusively represents today. Pioneer Elite video products equally progressed from their award winning rear projection sets to today’s sought after plasma panels.Last September the store was transformed once more. Seven theaters now beckon the movie enthusiasts within dedicated living areas. One room features a gorgeous mahogany entertainment center with a fixed 92 inch screen and reclining leather theater chairs complete with drink holders- each are new lines offered. Custom furniture design continues to be offered by Jacque, Nick’s wife. Her art gallery featuring art and craft for sale from regional and national artists now surrounds all the theaters. A renewed enthusiasm in 2-channel stereo prompted the new dedicated listening room. All speakers offered are American and Canadian manufacturers from Phase Technology, Klipsch, Energy, and Mirage. An in-wall speaker display features these and the originator of in-wall speakers, SpeakerCraft. Rounding out the home products is the SpeakerCraft wholehouse system. It is fully functioning throughout the store- as it would be within your own home. Jason, Nick and Jacque’s son, is the key person to speak with for all your home audio and video applications. With a wealth of knowledge in video and audio, he will guide you easily through the sometimes frustrating task of choosing the system right for your needs and your budget. Perhaps the most unique addition to the remodeled store is the addition of Nick’s audio museum. His passion for audio led to years of collecting antique microphones and speakers. Among a vast representation of microphone manufactures, the collection features Astatic- originally manufactured in downtown Youngstown. A portable sound system built by WKBN founder Mr. Williamson is also on site. Nick’s love of vintage pieces extends into his speaker repair services. He has become one of the most noted in the country for vintage speaker repair. These are simply a few of the reasons why they are celebrating 35 years in the audio business. We think we have earned some bragging rights!The Speaker Shop9074 Market Street, North LimaWinter Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-6. Saturday 12-4